August in Split
Veni, vidi, vinci

Did you know that the month August was named after Augustus Caesar, back when Romans ruled the world, more than 2000 years ago? Yep, some folks get a street named after them, but this guy stepped into immortality by having his name written in time itself.

It was then, twenty centuries ago, in time when emperors roamed the Earth, that Split was not much of a place to see or visit. But just few kilometers from what today you discover as one of the most beautiful Mediterranean towns existed a spectacular place: Roman town Salona. It had incredible 60 thousand inhabitants and was the capital of the Roman region Dalmatia.

If it wasn’t for Salona (an important dot on the empire map – for instance, among others, the one that is the most known/popular, Julius Caesar (one more month guy), also visited Salona), there probably wouldn’t be any Split. At least the city that we have today wouldn’t look like it does. Diocletian would have maybe chosen some other location for his breathtaking palace.

We raise a glass of red Dalmatian wine to salute all those that left a mark in the past: we are thankful to them for the heritage we have. And we are happy that today we can share amazing Split’s culture with people from all over the world. Those people are today’s emperors. You, our dear guests are our Caesars.

Thank you for being the part of Mazzgoon story that is being written in Split’s timeline. It doesn’t really mater that nothing is named after you. We will make you feel like all the history happened just to get you to Split and Mazzgoon food restaurant.

Veni, vidi, vinci your hunger.

Truly yours. Mazzgoon food. To eat and to love.


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