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Split is not one of those towns from the U2 song "Where the streets have no names" - if you live in one of them let us know your address, we'll send you a postcard :-). And if you take a walk in the labyrinth of the Split old city center you will notice that a significant number of curved alleys, small streets and narrow passages is named after a person, someone who lived, worked, or played some other important role in the history of this place. And when we, the locals who live in Split, say that we are going “in the town”, it's these streets that we are aiming.

Mazzgoon food restaurant is located exactly in one of them, in the heart of Split, firmly set in a stony ventricle of a long-lived town. Our address is Bajamontijeva 2. Of course, who really cares about the street names while spending a beautiful day outside, sightseeing, laughing, hanging out, kissing, taking selfies, … but if you stop and think about it there must be a hell of a story behing that sign, behind that “someones name” if a street was named after it.

Bajamontijeva street is one of most impressive streets in Split old center, not just because of the houses walls darkened by passing seconds, hours, years and centuries, but also because of the shady ambient it offers – a perfect spot to take a break during your Split visit, a perfect time to grab a tasty bite, enjoy an amazing cool cocktail, or dive into tempting delight of a glass of dalmatian wine.

Antonio Bajamonti was a mayor of Split. He is one of the most successful, most credited city mayors, (governed the city from 1860 to 1880), a politician who wanted to draw Split on the map of modern European cities and who spent all of his money in trying to achieve this (died as a poor man in 1891). He presented gass public light, encouraged the development of the harbour and also the reconstruction of the old aqueduct. Antonio built a huge residential palace near the sea, a theater that could fit 1300 spectators, refurbished old churches, opened wide streets, he listened, gave and loved. More than a hundred people had him for a godfather or a best man. Split was his dream. And people in Split gave him a nickname “ćaća” - daddy.

Who knows, today's Split just might resemble the image mayor Bajamonti had in his in 19th century head...

Oh, did we forget to mention, Bajamontijeva street was not named after Antonio Bajamonti, it was named after his fathers brother, famous uncle Julije, a musician, philosopher, translator, writer and historian. Antonio doesn't have a street named after him in Split. Maybe he has an avenue named after him in that town U2 is singing about.

You don't have to have to be famous or successful, no street has to be named after you so you could eat good, for us you are the person of the day and we will make you feel like it. In Mazzgoon food restaurant you are the guest of honor.

That's why Mazzgoon food is the best restaurant in Split. Your choice.
To eat and to love.


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