Divine eating in Split
Food of the gods

These days it's all about the sport. The Olimpic games are on! Rio 2016 time baby!

So if you think about it for a second you will easily come to a conclusion that (yes, they win a medal for them self and for their country but) all the people involved, all of them running, jumping, fencing, swimming, shooting, etc. they all have a birth place, a town, city, village, a location on a map with a name on it. This is where Split is number one town in whole universe!

Yes, Split is town of sport. It's so sporty that there is a museum of sport in out town and a hall of fame that you can visit. And since 2012 (the year when the west part of our seaside promenade was reconstructed) we also have a walk of fame. So why not actors, why not hand/foot print in the floor, why athletes? There is a huge reason for this.

10 gold, 17 silver and 10 bronze Olympic medals won from 1948 until 2012 belong to athletes from Split! Wow dude!

And that's not all – there are 2 more paraolympic medals awarded to winners also from Split. Let us help you count: 39 Olympic medals in one town. Oh yeah! And it's not a big town – not even two hundred thousand people live in Split. Considering this fact, the percentage is huge. It's hard to imagine and harder to explain how a town like Split with low sport financial budget is such a huge succes story.

Split medals were won in water polo, weightlifting, basketball, football, swimming, handball, rowing, athletics, tennis and taekwondo. Here are just few names out of 17 Split double Olympic medalist you must have heard of: Goran Ivanišević (tennis), Ivano Balić (handball), Toni Kukoč (basketball), Đurđica Bjedov (swimming), …

What is the secret, you might ask yourself. The climate, the tempo of living, the believing, persistence, all together, for sure. And there is one more thing not to be forgotten – the food. Mediterranean food, spiced with sun, salt, olive oil, herbs and with love. This is the key ingredient to a successful story. And you know where to find it. Mazzgoon food, the best restaurant in Split. To eat and to love.

Weather you are an athlete, a god from Olympus mountain, or you just like to sit down and enjoy while others jump and run around, Mazzgoon food restaurant is your choice in Split. The restaurant with healthy, tasty, colorful, amazing food and wine. Food with an attitude. For people who know what they want and want it now. Come and get it. Three, two, one – GO!

P.S. just to mention, one more medal won today - Tonči Stipanović - silver - sailing :-D


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