Guess who likes Mazzgoon?
Financial times!

Everything we do is driven by the same fuel from the day we opened the door of Mazzgoon food restaurant in Split. Well, even before that, to be precise: from the day the idea was born. The same passion is moving us toward today: the belief in possibility of building from the scratch and running a special place, a sanctuary for amazing food and wine lovers.

Mazzgoon Food passed all the tests and walked the no-mercy-culinary-road in Split. It’s the absolutely positive way of living and breathing the business we created that is paying back in the best possible way: you, our guests – you keep coming back and keep giving us amazing feedback about your Mazzgoon experience in Split.

And then there is that other thing also, we have to mention it, cause we are soooo proud: the international acknowledgment came from a very world known brand.

Financial Times has given praise to Mazzgoon food restaurant in Split, to the specialties we serve and to the team that is responsible for the magic happening in our kitchen.

Here it is, here is the link, enjoy reading :-)


One more proof that you were right when you chose Mazzgoon.
Your place. To eat and to love.


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