Hello, it's me...
Our first post

Yes, it's the beginning of the famous Adele's song, but it's also an essential ingredient that we put as the title to our first blog post. That's right: Mazzgoon food restaurant has made one more step to become even closer to you, to bring you our news, spice up your life with food stories, sweeten up your hours with details about Split and Croatia and to drop a pinch of colorful happiness to your day.
To cut the long story short, we started this blog because you and us have something amazing in common:


Our homepage is still the place where you will find our mmmm so tasty seasonal menu, where you can gaze at the beautiful photos of our imaginative meals and cocktails, where Mazzgoon food lives it's online life. The blog is an upgrade to out relationship with you, a new cookbook full of catchy, desirable and smooth stories, recipes and useful information that we strongly believe you will like. Just as you like Mazzgoon food, just like you enjoy spending time in Split, just like we love to see you more and more every time you come back.

And you will come back. The food we prepare in Mazzgoon restaurant makes you never forget the place and the street that took you there. All the roads might lead to Rome, but your heart and your belly will take you to Mazzgoon food restaurant in Split. To eat and to love.

So let's begin our blog journey together! Climb on board and enjoy :-)


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