Fourth Michelin star
Thank you!

Michelin stars in gastronomy are like Oscars in the film world. The rules are well known: only the best can be awarded. And it truly is an award when the mysterious Michelin gastro-visitors start to inspect a food serving place and at the end give a one-two-three star grade to the food, to the staff and the total impression they had (or they don't give a star at all). There are those who say that the Michelin star is a curse and they want to be deleted from the Michelin list (because of the high expectation of the guests and the huge increase in number of people visiting – and the pressure they bring), but it is normal to have pro and contra public opinions when something is huge and important.

For Croatia, February 2017. is an important month. Michelin's critics visited a few parts of the country some time before and finally the publication is out, the results are known: Croatia has it's first Michelin stared restaurant! Hurray!!

Mazzgoon food congratulates to the winner: restaurant Monte, in Rovinj (Istra).

Incognito job is done, the star is awarded. Now the hard part is on Monte: keeping up with the great service, preparing and serving amazing meals to stay on the Michelin list of gastronomic world starts.

For all of you who live to eat and to love, we can only guess when will the Michelin secret patrol visit Dalmatia and Split. But you don't have to wait for the stars to fall from the sky, nor for the special control to tell you when is the good time and what is the best place to chose for your next meal in Split. Mazzgoon food restaurant has it all that you are looking for. Always fresh and tasty, colorful seasonal menu, any time you like, every day.

We already have our stars – Mazzgoon's guests are the most valuable award we have and keep getting.

Thank you!


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