Gastronomic explosion in Diocletian's mouth
Emperor was right

Let's try something. Imagine you were an emperor, a mighty ruler of a huge empire, unbeatable army behind you, enormous, expanding territory under your feet and under your rule and people fall with their face down on earth when you appear. Now add some spice to your imagination and upgrade your new emperor-look with some fine clothes, ambient music, dancers, exotic food and smell of worship all around you. That's nice, looking good there ;-)

It might be that it is a great feeling to be an emperor. Yes, there is the responsibility factor also, but let's put that aside and focus on the good stuff. What is it that makes the emperor role so irresistible? It's not just that you have people around you that listen and do what you ask, but there is that incredible thing: you get to make a wish and it will come true (or heads will fall), you get to choose and what you choose you will have.

Emperors, like other human beings, have to live somewhere. There were some emperors that were treated as and considered to be gods, but even they couldn't pick a spot in the air and levitate there. They had to choose a place on Earth for their emperors residence.

Now, if you were an emperor, what would it be, what place on Earth would you choose? What one place, so special, adorable and amazing would you put your hand on and say build me a palace here? You have all the time in the world to think and make that decision, but 1700 years ago lived an emperor that didn't have any doubts and made the decision in a sec. Yeah, you know who we are talking about, you know the man and you know the place.

More than 17 centuries before our time famous Roman emperor Diocletian picked Split as a spot for his, still here and standing, alive and kicking, wow palace. In year 305. AD he said I'm done with this emperor stuff, I'll retire. And he really did, he was the first guy in emperor history that retired, moved away from the spotlight and settled down in beautiful, sun-bathed Mediterranean bay.

What exactly did Diocletian do when he came to Split, how were his days here, it's hard to say, most of it we have to guess, but we are sure that he ate well and enjoyed his retirement like an ex-emperor is supposed to. Diocletian's palace is a gem to be discovered, waiting here for you more than one thousand and seven hundred years. It is a living monument, a UNESCO listed world heritage site that is the true hart of Split.

Split evolved, it's year 2016., Roman empire is long gone, but that doesn't mean that you can't visit Diocletian's palace in Split and feel like an emperor. Just next to the west palace gate, in Bajamontijeva street, you will find us, Mazzgoon food restaurant, the best restaurant in Split. We will make your hungry wish come true, our amazing food will create the same sensation Diocletian felt in his mouth when he had lunch and diner – you will feel that you are an emperor and the moment is yours.

Mazzgoon food restaurant is your answer to the question where to eat in Split, Croatia. True gastronomic paradise. To eat and to love.


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