The meaning of Mazzgoon
Nomen est omen

You have probably seen a picture of a carrot hanging on a string while enjoying your time and meal in our restaurant in Split, or while exploring Mazzgoon food restaurant web page, or while visiting our blog. And, of course, you know about that trick (in cartoons it works) about getting an animal move forward by stimulating it with a fresh orange colored vegetable hanging in front of it's eyes.
So what does that have to do with a cool restaurant in the center of an ancient town in Croatia? And why is there a carrot in the restaurant's logo?

The animal that moves towards when stimulated with a carrot (we can try together to see if it really works) is the mule (we have the carrot, you bring your mule). And the meaning of the restaurants name, Mazzgoon, is exactly that - a strong, hardworking, food loving, no compromise when it comes to quality, stubbornly in love with food, beautiful animal - a mule.

A mule is not just an animal. Mazzgoon (a mule) is a symbol, it represents the hard field working, stone breaking, heavy carrying past time that Split, and Dalmatia (the beautiful Croatian coastal region) had gone through. It was a mater of surviving - the everyday life was a struggle with earth, the only tool you could count on were the hands you had, you made bread, cheese, planted vineyards, caught fish, ... and you had to eat good food that will give you new energy and drink beautiful wine that will inject fresh life in your body. So you could continue.

That is the tradition we follow, the truth that our family has though us: the people we serve food to deserve fresh meals, unforgettable taste and the nicest selection of Dalmatian wine. We stubbornly push forward to bring you the taste of Mediteranean cuisine on a plate, adapt our menu to the season, pick only the best ingredients and innovative combinations, known suppliers and local farming.

We don't just eat food. We live food. Because you and your satisfied smile move us. You stimulate us. You are our carrot :-)

Mazzgoon food restaurant is proud to be your food loving mule. You know where to find us in Split. To eat and to love.


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