Mazzgoon's brother
Noor bar

We had a dream, the two of us, Sara and Toni, the same dream, on the same night.

A room, very small one, four walls, very old walls, high ceiling, glass chandelier hanging from it, throwing low light on the people and on the walls. Yes, there are people inside that room, and their faces wear a big smile, they are enjoying something cool looking, something tasty, something colorful like you wanna have it too. Suddenly we realized: it’s a bar. Those people are having mmmm good cocktails and there are hundreds of bottles of spirits and liquors on the wall ready to be tried, ready to be mixed into something new… A new bar, a place that one can not forget and keeps coming back to it. To its light. To the atmosphere. To its small coziness. The best dark place in the city. The dark side of light...

So when a couple in love has a same dream on the same night, then there is nothing that you can do less than to make that dream come true. So we did it. In the same street where our Mazzgoon food restaurant is, overlooking the entrance (you can almost stretch your arm from Mazzgoon’s door and touch it), we created something new and amazing. For us and for the people we love. And for those who love a good drink.

Noor bar.
Probably the biggest small bar it the world.


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