Skiing in Split
The winter is coming

Five years ago, in February 2012., it was wise to bring your skying equipment if you were visiting Split. No, it's not a joke, this Mediterranean town really was covered in pure white snow for couple of days. Well, at least for some time that was snow. But then it all went in a crazy direction. Oh, did we have a good time back in those days.

For the record, Split is a coastal town and it has a typical Mediterranean climate – that means the winter is mild and the summer is warm. The temperature rarely goes below zero degrees Celsius (in average there are 7 days per year with this low record) and there are 46 days with temperature above 30 degrees Celsius. The number of sunny hours during the year is quite impressive: 2600 hours of sunshine (it would be truly bad luck not to catch some of them while visiting Split).

Not only sunshine and the temperature needs to be considered when talking about climate. Wind is an important ingredient too. The two of them that you will not forget for sure if you get to taste them are: jugo, the wind that blows from south-east, warm one, usually brings clouds, rain and headache (not nice if it catches you on the sea) and the second one is bura, the cold wind that blows from the north-east, a dry and strong wind, cold one, it will find its way to your skin and cool you no mater what you wear (this is the most important wind for drying tasty Dalmatian ham).

There is a good reason why we mentioned these two winds. It is one of them that we can blame for the comedy we had 5 years ago in Split.

Lets remember the most important details of that February: the snow fell and everyone was happy, outside, throwing snowballs, making snowmans, laughing and celebrating this rear visitor in Split (usually we have one or two days of snow in Split every 3 or 4 years, but it falls like someone is throwing salt from the sky, a snowflake here and there and it doesn't stay, usually melts as soon as it touches the ground). The snow was falling the next day also. Still everyone was happy. But then it started. Bura. The brrrrrrr cold, strong wind that turned the thick snow carpet into ice. Let me remind you: Split is a Mediterranean town with typical Mediterranean climate – that means that we don't have shovels and those huge snowplow vehicles to clean the roads and around the houses. The result (we didn't clean the snow in first two days because we believed the Sun is our companion, the snow turned into ice, we went out on the frozen streets to work, to store, to hairdresser, to … and we fell): Split was paralysed for a week and almost nine hundred people had broken legs and/or arms.

Conclusion: we learned a lot from the events that occurred in February 2012. Now we have shovels. We are prepared.

So if you are visiting Split during January, February or March and you experience something cold and strong is pushing you while you walk around, that will be the moment that you'll meet bura wind. The best thing you can do then is to take a break in Mazzgoon food restaurant in the city center: a warm, always welcoming, open and full of amazing food on the menu shelter from bura.

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