Spring time
The new menu is here

Spring is the most beautiful time of year, more than few people will agree. The time of waking up, flourishing, growing, beginning and shining. Warm temperature during the day makes you throw away your clothes while you are spending time on Split's riva. Yes, there is no doubt, the spring arrived in town.

You can see and hear construction workers all over the center preparing the hotels, apartments, bars, facades, stairs, doors and windows for the new (touristic) season. No, no, we are not one of them, we don't use hammers and drills now. We do it our way. With our own tools: pots, ladles, knifes, spoons, ...

Mazzgoon food restaurant is opened the whole year for you. The spring is not the time to wake up for us. It's the time to smile, say hello to you and give you our completely new, beautiful, yummy spring menu. We never sleep. We evolve. Visit Mazzgoon food home page and explore the spring details. You will find something irresistible, you can bet on it. And we will be here waiting for you to arrive and taste it.

Just like we do the whole year through. We are not just a restaurant for a season. We are the restaurant. For every day, every month, for every person, local and tourist. That's why Mazzgoon food is the best restaurant in Split. Your place. To eat and to love.


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