The beginning
Once upon a time

There are dates in your life that you can not forget, numbers rounded with red color on your calendar smartly hanged somewhere so you make eye contact with the name, week and the day of the month every time you pass by. You remember those days, celebrate them, gather your friends, your family and loved ones and rise the glass to salute the life in its fullest beauty.

Weather it is your birthday, an anniversary, or every year you feel the excitement as you did decades ago on the day when your favorite football club won the championship for the last time, in any case it is good to share that time snippet, to spread the happiness and the overwhelming love of the moment. That moment is the spark that stays in long term memory, the flame that you keep as one of those special little things that fit inside a small secret box that you carry around in your heart.

We had one of those moments and we will never forget it. It is rounded with the red sun falling into the sea and decorated with pleasant smell of Mediterranean herbs all around it. The day when it all started. April 26th, year 2014 – the day when Mazzgoon food restaurant opened it's door in Split, Croatia.

A lot of love was necessary to make it, a lot of strength to keep going until success, but when Mazzgoon food started to prepare food and when you, our guests arrived, first curiously taking a glimpse from the door, then entering, and then when you liked what you tasted, everything fit perfectly and a big smile came upon our face.

That was the beginning, our Saturday that we will never forget. But one can't live only from remembering. That is why every day when we open the door of Mazzgoon food we think of it as our new first day, a new mission to bring you the best, fresh and delicious products combined in most imaginative meals – to give you a reason to come back to our restaurant in Split.

Mazzgoon food restaurant is the place you will put a red circle around on your Split city map. And the fulfilling taste of every bite you take will last at least until your next visit. And we will be here for you. Home is where you eat.


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