The best restaurant in Split
An inevitable challenge

It takes a lot to be the best. A lot of effort, huge pile of imagination, a big list of skills, time and persistence. But above all, we believe that nothing would be possible without glittering, contagious love. That was our starting point, the foundation under our feet and the earth we threw seeds of ideas on to grow our dreams. The dream came true – Mazzgoon restaurant opened. To eat and to love.

With this amazing love we picked the name for our restaurant, decorated the interior, set the terrace, interviewed the future staff, picked delicious meals for the menu, rich wine for the wine list and set off (still remember how it all started).

The dream that came true started to blossom, to grow, to shine and to attract people that love to eat, love to hang out, love to live. Mazzgoon food attracts the best guests in town. That is why we realized it is not enough to just work. Our aim evolved – our wish became to be the best restaurant in Split, to be the restaurant that you can count on, to be your place, the place, the restaurant, to offer you with food that you will feel and love to taste. So if it takes more time, more hard work and more energy we will find it, but we’ll never compromise to serve you nothing less than the freshest, the tastiest, and the healthiest ingredients, all prepared in Mediterranean style.

Mazzgoon food is the best restaurant in Split, those who have the open heart feel it and know it. The color of Mazzgoon, the aroma, the world of joy on your plate, that is the combination that makes you come back for more.

Don’t resist, come and get it – life is too short to miss the delight it offers.
Taste Mazzgoon food, the best restaurant in Split. To eat and to love.


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