Ultra experience in Split
Ultra music, ultra food

When you consider the number of more than one hundred thousand people visiting a festival in the first year, that is more than a good proof that the story is a huge success. Yes, we are talking about Ultra Europe, the amazing music experience for all the lovers of beautiful sound, light, adrenalin and nicest people you will ever meet, being held in our town, Split, Croatia, since year 2013.

With more than one hundred and fifty thousand visitors in each of the next two years (2014 and 2015) all the lessons are learned and everything is ready to launch this year's edition of the festival, Ultra 2016. Seven days (3 days in Split, Poljud stadium, yacht regatta, 3 islands, Brač, Hvar and Vis) of ultimate joy and party, hours of best electronic music brought to you by the finest selection of world class famous DJ's, all you need is a ticket and you are in.

For Split, a city with arround 160 thousand inhabitants, Ultra represents an enormous organizational challenge and together with all the other touristic attractions it is encouraging people from all corners of the world to cross the globe and spend days, weeks (or even stay forever) in this incredible place. You will fall in love in Split, it's a promise (with someone, or with the city).

As everyone finds out fast after arriving during Ultra, Split offers a lot more than party: you can enjoy beaches, sea, explore the museums and two thousand years of history injected in every street, house, stone and every local human being (even the animals bear the sign of it). The Mediterranean way of living will be an easy lesson to learn and to absolve, morning coffee, long chit chats with friends, sitting near the sea – it is a package that goes together with Ultra and good music, together with your Split experience.

We love the change Split is going through. It's a proof that music is truly changing the world. And that is why we believe that a person that enjoys music can only be a good person, a person that loves life, loves to experience what life offers. And if you are that person, spending your time in Split, than be smart and combine ultra music with ultra food. Mazzgoon food restauran serves the ultimate, tastiest meals and finest wine you will find in Split. Ultra food for Ultra lovers! And after you try an unforgettable dish, there is a cocktail with your name written all over it waiting for you on the magic cocktail list full of cool summer refreshment.

Let the games begin! Turn the music on loud! Dance, live and love. And don't forget to eat;-)

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