Where to eat in Split
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Sooner or later you have to eat. Or you just might be one of those staring-at-the-Sun guys, feeling no need for food or drink, just let me be? Well, if you really are one of them it is recommended that you avoid this blog, because you are very close to experiencing what is known as hunger.

And if you are an average human being, if one third of a second gazing at the Sun is enough for you, then you are on the right spot, take your time, relax your eyes and stare as much as you want to the letters, words, sentences and all the other spices of this food story. You found what you were looking for, your restaurant in Split. A place where you will eat, rest, laugh, chill, fall in love and be happy. In Split old center. Mazzgoon food restaurant.

And it really is not easy this days to find the perfect place in Split to have a yummy breakfast, delighting lunch, or a sexy diner. Yes, the gastronomic scene is rich, every here and there you encounter a corner that has a table ready to be occupied. But think bigger: it's not like you are going to have a thousand lunches in Split so you can afford risking an average, nothing special meal. Why just fill your stomach? Why don't you come over to Mazzgoon restaurant to feel, taste, smell, enjoy, experience everything that this beautiful Mediterranean town has to give, why don't you arouse all of your senses with high quality food, amazing deserts, rich wine and finish off with a bombastic cocktail and a screaming good dessert?

It's up to you. Choose smart, find the best restaurant in Split. Mazzgoon food, to eat and to love. We will be happy to see you, Mazzgoon food will make you wanna come back for more.

P.S. There might be a waiting list, a queue in front of the restaurant (this just proves how good we are – good things are worth of wait), so it's always smart to catch your perfect time and table by making a reservation. Call us or send a message.


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