Tie up your boat
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If you arrived in Split on a boat, a huge one like one of those beautiful luxurious white cruise ships, or on a smaller eye-catching private yacht, there is a huge possibility that your skipper, your captain or at least some of the staff members you travel with were born and raised in Split.

Split is a sea-oriented town in every sense. Every aspect of life in Split has something to do with the sea. There is a great old naval tradition in Split. A big number of people in Split lived and still live and survive by working sea-related jobs. And they are great at it. Split's shipbuilders, fisherman, sailors, captains, skippers are among the best in the world.

And because of Split's natural beautiful position on a spectacular peninsula, there was enough space for three sea ports in this town: passengers port (among top 3 on Mediterranean) on the south side of peninsula, industrial and military port (NATO base) on the north side. A lot of sea traffic is going on in this small place on Earth. If you still haven't, jump on a boat and set sail – you have to see Split and the surrounding area from the open sea.

Oh, you don't like to wait in the line to board, you'd like to have your own boat? No problem! Every year, it has been like that for 19 years already, Split's passenger port hosts one of the world's well known boat fairs (it had it's ups and downs): Croatia Boat Show. This April, from Wednesday (April 5th) until Sunday (April 9th) all the boat lovers and enthusiasts have the opportunity to explore some of the most beautiful homemade and international boats that are ready to be taken to the open sea this summer. One of those beauties might be yours!

The sun is already very warm in Split, you can almost feel the summer in the air, in the way people behave, talk, the clothes they wear: a perfect time to think about the vacation and the boat you will spend it on. Just to find your perfect thinking place and you have it all.

Look no further, all you boat lovers, captains, travelers, sailors, mermaids and pirates, your quest has come to an end, you found what you were looking for. Tie up your boat and step on the shore. Mazzgoon food restaurant is waiting for you with the best food sea and land can offer to a hungry food-lover’s mouth.

Mazzgoon food is the red X on your treasure map. To eat and to love.


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